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8 . 28 . 14

Usually I have some strange dreams but last night’s was particularly unique. I dreamed my family adopted a cheetah as a pet and we fed it some Gourmet cat food that belonged to my sister-in-law’s now deceased cat. So everything appeared to be going well with the cheetah, except for one thing: we forgot to feed it after the initial bowl of gourmet cat food. A week or so later I was looking around the laundry room where the cat food was and noticed it was barely touched. I was wondering what the cheetah was eating and then it dawned on me that it didn’t like the gourmet cat food and it hadn’t eaten in a week. I panicked, knowing that a hungry cheetah could be dangerous around the house and ran for the other cat food that we feed our current cat with. I quickly dumped three cans in the cheetah’s bowl and fortunately it liked this food. I felt a brush of relief knowing that I had quelled the hunger of this potentially dangerous wild cat.