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As I’ve been learning to skate, many people on the ice will periodically offer helpful advice. Even young children try to do their best to teach you.  One thing I’ve noticed however, is that not only is their advice helpful, but it’s also downright hilarious.   Today is one example.

It’s always a little slow when you first start a session because you’re also afraid of falling.  Usually you get accustomed to it after a few minutes and this time was no different.  Anyway, as soon as I got on the ice, a little girl says to me,

“Is this your first time skating?”.

I didn’t tell her that I’ve been skating 11 months.  That was a real confidence booster.  I then responded with

“It’s the skates I’m getting used to the skates”.

That was true because this particular rink has really bad rental skates.  But my spirits were lifted a few minutes later when a little boy (who was looking at my Evgeni Malkin jersey) says to me,

“Do you play hockey here?”

I responded,

“Not now, but hopefully someday”.

Also my confidence was again lifted when an hour later the same girl came by and said,

“You’re doing better”.

Thanks boys and girls, you’re very helpful and downright funny.


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Well, it’s hard to believe, but I’m finally learning how to design my own web sites.  This is the only area where I am lacking and I thought I could never learn it.  People told me there are two types of site builders: designers and developers.  My thinking is why not be able to do both?  It would make me to be a one man web site / applications developer.  I could live where I wanted, I could work my own hours, and call all the shots.  I think the trick is to just force yourself to do it, and always be improving.  I’m doing all this with my five-year-old Windows Vista laptop and Photoshop CS3.  It sites the more you develop on your computer, the less you need to have one with all the up to date features.

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Well, I’ve been doing it for over two months now so it’s time to make an evaluation of working at home. At first it was just like being at work, lots of people interaction via Skype Video and Instant messaging. After a while though, and especially after a two and a half week vacation that interaction went away and I was reduced to doing the tasks that were assigned to me via my company’s task managment system. Sometimes you feel forgotten, sometimes it’s great because it’s so relaxed, but in general you have focus on the important things, such as the extra time and money saved from the commute. I usually say that if I had a choice, I would not work from home, but would rather just live like a few minutes from work. But living with my family and my expenses, that is not the best option. So it looks like we have found a happy medium.