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10. You can’t use your hands
9. A 1 goal lead is an insurmountable lead.
8. If you try to talk soccer with a non-American, they call you names behind your back.
7. The fake falls to get penalties called.
6. The fake falls to kill time in the closing minutes.
5. The MLS will never be able to compete with the rest of the world.
4. The players not on the field have to wear special shirts over their uniforms.
3. Overtime is not sudden death, despite the incredibly low scores.
2. Penalty shots are at the referee’s discretion and very often result in the final outcome of the game.
1. The final tiebreaker is penalty kicks.

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I’ve now been ice skating three times and it’s hard to quit now after getting over the worst part of it. I find it quite different than what I was expecting. My first thought was that ice is slippery and I would fall immediately. So I grasped the wall with all of my strength as a self defense tactic to stop me from falling. I almost gave up completely. I had been on the ice 15 minutes and my left arm was dead tired from supporting all of my weight. My foot ached because I roll it to the side when I walk and I could not sustain pressure evenly distributed across the soul of the shoe. I thought I was done. The instructor told me to try hockey skates next time. And sure enough that worked.

The second time was different. I was able to keep my skates straight. Still I supported too much of my weight as I continued to do what the instructor told me to do: Take small steps. I went in 20 feet intervals taking baby steps and it was quite exhausting. I hadn’t exercised in weeks not to mention skating uses muscles you never have used before. I continued with the baby steps to the third session, staying near the wall and circling the rink 5 times in the hour I was there. Towards the end I was able to maintain my balance and take the baby steps without holding the wall, which was a moral victory for me.

I have yet to fall on the ice. I think that overcoming the fear of falling is important in learning to skate. But that’s a story for a different day.