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My opinion of the French language is that, after learning and being able to speak Spanish, it is difficult. One I first started, I found that every word I said in French, I wanted to say in Spanish. It’s like there is some part of your brain that automatically channels English words into whatever language mode you are tuned in to. After studying French for another 2 months, this channelling is now to French, so when I speak Spanish it wants to come out in French.

There are many things you can do to learn a language. The most obvious is to do an immerision in the country whose language you are trying to learn. Other ways include (in order of prevalance), taking a class, Rosetta Stone (not imitation software), chatting on IM with a native speaker, reading a book at your level, and watching movies and listening to music. Memorizing songs can be particularly useful.

My opinion of Rosetta Stone is that it works, through sheer repetition. Some people say that it’s no good because you don’t have the interaction of a teacher, but the way I look at it is that it’s like going over exercises in a class, but you get to answer every question, and there is no need for the mundane task of correcting students and repeating answers because it is all done automatically. One bad thing I think is that it doesn’t require you to think ‘on your toes’. This is what conversation and teaching practice can do that the software program cannot.

Why I am learning French? I’m not sure, I speak Spanish, and France is close to Spain. Also I enjoyed my trip to Europe and I like learning and going to school. So that’s it…c’est tout.