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Madden 11, is the EA Sports current football game release. Most of the game I like, but I have a beef about one particular facet of the game, the online game. I have played online once this year, and I refuse to play again. The simple reason I just found out what to call it while querying a forum this morning. It’s called “glitch to win”. Every year, a certain percentage of players have the immense amount of time and dedication to figure out how to beat most gamers on the long bomb. It doesn’t matter if you drop nine players into coverage defensively. It doesn’t matter if you practice and you are all over the wide out. They know how to complete the pass. EA refuses to fix this year in and year out. So the first time I played online, I expected nothing better. Sure enough, in the third quarter, I had my defensive backs in a cover 3. The opponent went deep. My defender was all over the WR, but sure enough my opponent completed the pass. I quit. Why does EA let this happen? I have not played online since and I might just continue taking on the computer because this is not the only glitch. As the posting on the forum said: “Don’t glitch to win, it’s not life or death”.


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As much as I dislike the re-structuring of the NFL schedule to move the Pro Bowl from two weeks after the Super Bowl to the week before, I am still pleased with the continued domination of the AFC over NFC. I remember those years when the NFC had won something like 15 straight Super Bowls and it was frustrating and a little bit embarrassing for a Steelers fan. Finally though the tables have turned and once again the AFC has bragging rights.

I think there should be some incentive to the Pro Bowl though. Like major league baseball for example, the winner boasts home field for the World Series. What could the pro bowl do? Perhaps eliminate the coin toss for opening kickoff and replace it with the choice given to the Pro Bowl winner’s conference.

Also, I don’t think you can have an “all-star” game and still call it an all-star game without playing the leagues very best players. The current structure sidelines the Super Bowl teams players, so what does that leave? The best of the rest. Are we as die hard football fans deserving of “the best of the rest”? I don’t think so. I would love to hear the rationale of the NFL for structuring it this way, but for once I do not agree with the NFL agenda. I like the playoff system, I like the divisional structure as well. The only other thing I don’t agree with is playing highly important playoff games in 20 degree whether or in snow. These guys are professionals and are extremely talented. Do they really deserve to play through in the freezing cold? Why not play all the playoffs in neutral fields in favorable climates, or even indoors? I know the NFL fans are tough and crazy, but in negative windchills is ridiculous. Commissioner Goodell, fix the Pro Bowl, make it worth something. Still though I can’t complain too much with today’s result of yet another AFC win.