11 . 28 . 09

I like the Mac. I like Safari, iPhones, iPods, and MacBooks. I like the aesthetics and the user experience. I fondly remember my Apple iic, and I’m convinced that Apple builds a superior product. But one question: Why is Apple competing in a market dominated by Microsoft and PC’s? They’re just making live difficult for all of us computer users. Will they ever dominate the market like Microsoft? probably not. Is Apple making any money? probably not. I just got a MacBook and I like it, but I have no idea how convert and manipulate files to PC nor do I want to do that. It’s like VHS and BETA. But everyone is buying both systems instead of choosing one. It’s like Bluray and HD DVD. But Toshiba didn’t back down and make life easier on us. Apple, I have one thing to say: Good job, bravo, but the game is over, go home…

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11 . 28 . 09

This is just a plea asking that you not get gmail. I have had it up to neck with gmail and finally I’m switching over to yahoo. What’s wrong with it? First, the site is not intuitive, it groups your emails in a way that you can’t understand. Why can’t they just open a new tab for each email like yahoo? Second, the firebug fix. My computer at work is slowed by gmail, and I don’t really want to go into my firebug settings every time I get a new computer. What is firebug? Well you don’t need it if you’re not a web developer, but I am a web developer. If google doesn’t care if their workforce and colleagues are happy with gmail, why would they care about anybody else? Finally, it doesn’t even look nice. Why does it take so many google geniuses (might I add the Google blew me off when I was looking for a job) to make this basic looking site that looks like a 1995 HTML newsgroup?


10 . 18 . 09

I’m taking my first mini vacation since moving down to Texas a little bit over a year ago. We decided to go to College Station to check and see what the campus is like. I like it, it’s bigger than I expected, and newer. It’s still difficult to say that if I were in Katy when I graduated high school whether or not I would go to Texas A&M or Texas. To me the situation is comparable to UVA and Virginia Tech. In any case it’s nice getting back to the college life. Today, a campus tour and the George Bush library. Then on to Brenham to look at roses.


5 . 23 . 09

Hockey is a difficult sport to understand, but once you follow it it can be one of the most exciting sports to watch. Granted, regular season games can be hard to pay attention to, but when the chips are down in the playoffs there is nothing better. One can really feel the pressure to score or defend in these situations. It is definitely violent at times but you have to take it with a grain of salt because they all shake hands at the end of the game. My experience with hockey goes back to when I was a young kid where I played gym hockey. I think that this sport deserves more attention across our country if, for nothing else, because of its popularity in Canada. Our acceptance of this sport will improve our relations with not only our northern neighbors but also several European countries. Hockey is here to stay.


4 . 27 . 09

I got my Def Leppard/Poison tickets. Now I have to try not to listen to them too much so I don’t get sick of them before the concert.


4 . 27 . 09

Don’t get GameFly: they say you can rent any game at anytime, but it’s not true. All of the good games they mark as Low availability and they send you something else further down on your list that you really don’t want. I can think of a lot better things to do with $25 month.

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4 . 26 . 09

Carrie Prejean is beyond Miss USA. I was slipping in my faith until seeing this controversy unfold. When you see someone of such stature stand up for what they believe it reaches you and inspires you…